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Beautiful Savior

by | Jan 25, 2011

Beautiful Saviour

Deep from His Spirit,
Pure from His Soul,
Our beautiful Saviour
Is making us whole.

He loves us completely.
He cures us of shame.
He sees His reflection.
He knows us by name.

Oh beautiful Saviour
So pure and so bright!
You make us Your likeness
We live as Your Light.

Freed and forgiven
You’ve paid all our debts
You’ve cured us of sorrow
Healed fear and regret.

Oh beautiful Saviour
We live through Your Life
We’re safe in Your Love
We’re free from all strife.

So stir us to action!
And teach us to heal.
Your Light must be lived!
Your Love be revealed!

Oh beautiful Saviour
Adorable One
You’re everpresent
You’re Kingdom is come.

We love and we thank You!
We stand in Your might.
Made whole in Your likeness
We shine as Your Light!

by Mark, Emergence International brother/member from the Christian Science Society of Encinitas, Ca.