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Living our values and valuing our lives through Emergence International

by | Feb 2, 2020

January 31, 2020

“Living our values and valuing our lives through Emergence International.”

“Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us.” (S&H 79:31)

Are you coming from a place of scarcity or abundance? The decision is yours to make — and what a rewarding, life-changing decision it is.

Abundance should be a constant, conscious, joyful decision, and not a peculiar set of material circumstances over which we have no control. After all, you decide on the goal you would achieve — every single day. Mrs. Eddy tells us: “The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible.” (S&H 199:21)

What really motivates you, and what are the goals and values you cherish most?

Here are just a few motivating values worth considering:

ACCEPTANCE: Embracing the ideas and practices of others
ADAPTABILITY: Adjusting readily to changing conditions
ADVENTURE: God’s unforeseen/exhilarating journey
COMMITMENT: A promise, vow and assurance reflecting God’s trusting care
COMMUNITY: Feeling a meaningful connection to a group of people
COMPASSION: Feeling empathy, care or concern for others
COURAGE: Standing up in the face of fear or adversity
EFFECTIVENESS: Producing intended results
EQUALITY: Practicing the belief that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities
FAITH: Believing in a higher power practicing religious doctrine
FREEDOM: Exercising choice and free will
IMPACT: Achieving lasting and positive change
INNOVATION: Finding new and creative ways of doing things
INTEGRITY: Acting in alignment with your deeply held values
JUSTICE: Pursuing what is fair and morally right
LEADERSHIP: Motivating others to achieve a common purpose
LOVE: The ability to give, without the need for reciprocation
LOYALTY: Being devoted to a person, ideal, duty or cause
OBLIGATION: Committing to fulfill a duty or promise
OPPORTUNITY: Creating possibilities for others to advance
PEACE: The peace of God should be our only want
PERSONAL GROWTH: Pursuing new skills and self-awareness
PHILANTHROPY: Paying it forward. Giving time and support to organizations which share, advance and perpetuate your values
PLEASURE: Seeking personal satisfaction and enjoyment
POWER: Having the ability to influence change
RECOGNITION: Being appreciated and seen for your efforts
RELATIONSHIP: Each for the other, and both for God
RELATIONSHIPS: Caring for and spending time with family and friends
RESILIENCE: Ability to recover and rebound
RESPONSIBILITY: Voluntarily doing what is needed
RISK: Taking chances, testing limits, and being willing to fail
SAFETY: The power that comes from defenselessness and humility
SECURITY: Feeling safe from danger and/or financial anxiety
SELF-RELIANCE: Acting independently using your own abilities and resources
SELF-WORTH: Is what heals the hungering heart
SPIRITUALITY: Seeking connection to a higher purpose
SUSTAINABILITY: Supporting today’s needs while planning for the long term
TRADITION: Respecting customs and stories passed down from generation to generation
TRUST: Faith, confidence and conviction in God’s supremacy and power

PHILANTHROPY – is a wonderful activity for so many worthwhile reasons. It begins with doing what you love, and loving what you do — for others — while paying it forward into the future. It’s all about our values and what we cherish, and then perpetuating them. Good, honest, trustworthy organizations such as Emergence International reach beyond what we can do individually. It’s like a welcoming fire in a fireplace. Separate a burning ember from the main fire, and soon it burns out and dies … but grouped together with other glowing embers, it supports and sustains the whole fire. Aristotle nailed it when he postulated: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

It’s not the needs of Emergence International ~ but rather the needs it meets ~ which makes giving to Emergence International such a worthwhile endeavor …. as it continues to bring us together in one grand brother/sisterhood.  Many years ago, “Emergence International,” (formerly known as “Identity”), briefly considered the name: “Brother Birds” — inspired by Mrs. Eddy’s poem “Love” … “Like brother birds, that soar and sing, and on the same branch bend.”

Emergence International continues to change lives — giving Christian Science new meaning and purpose to so many. It’s the big branch, upon which we can all soar and sing.

“For we must share, if we would keep that blessing from above. They cease to have who cease to give: such is the law of Love.” (Hymn 182)

Your loving support to Emergence International, “Christian Scientists Nurturing Gay People,” is greatly appreciated.