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A Celebration of Life through Music

by | Sep 9, 2018

Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal

Assembled by Tom Taffel

64,    From Sense to soul my pathway lies before me

134,  I look to Thee in every need

146,  In god I find a precious gift

77,    God is my strong salvation

413,  Let us sing of Easter gladness

263,  Only God can bring us gladness

412,  O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking ~ (congregational singing)

202,  O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking ~ (sung by a soloist)

174,  Like as a mother, God comforteth His children

245,  O tender, loving Shepherd, we long to follow thee

181,  Loving Father, we Thy children Look to Thee in fear’s dark night

182,  Make Channels for the streams of Love

148,  In heavenly Love abiding

208, O gentle presence, peace and joy and power