Sometimes I wonder how I ever got along without my smartphone or tablet apps! The speedy convenience at the tap of my finger gets me exactly to the specific information I frequently need and use. Sure, there are search engines, but they sometimes overwhelm and confuse with the vastness of data, options, and possibilities. My apps weed out confusing and non-relevant information so that I can fast-track the info and put it to immediate and productive use!

Often patients will call me asking for metaphysical support as they need to make important life-decisions – but feel overwhelmed by the pros and cons of one course of action versus another. So many options present themselves to them that they’re tempted to feel thoroughly confused. In fact, the situation sounds a little like the results of a search engine.

Good news – there’s an app for that!

Whenever I want to be certain that a direction or course of action is the best one to take, I turn to my God APP which is always at hand! This app reminds me of the constant-Action of divine Mind, the ever-Presence of divine Spirit, and the only and always-Power of divine Love.

With this divine APP I am never alone or stranded without guidance and direction. And I can never fail to take the right step forward.

Instead of starting with human reasoning of all the considerations, options, and consequences of decision-making, how about starting with the APP?

  • The Action of Mind, confidently governing all that is good in your world, offers with clarity the only factors you need to consider and wisely evaluate;
  • The Presence and awareness you already possess is from Spirit, and this inherent spiritual consciousness is receptive and responsive only to Mind’s unmistakable offering;
  • The Power of Love moves you, energizes you, and inspires you to take the steps that not only bless you, but others too.

A friend of mine shared that one time when she was struggling with knowing what to do in a very difficult situation, and not getting much traction with her prayers, cried out loud: “How will I know what to do?!” A quiet voice – more of an assurance, actually – said, “You’ll know.” The noisy clamor of fear and confusion left her, and what was clear was the next step. And later, the next right step…and so she followed confidently and fearlessly, step by guided step.

Not sure what to do, where to go, how to start? There’s an APP for that!