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Bible Lesson (Realty) – Quick Pick – Tuesday, 22 September, 2015

by | Sep 22, 2015

He is all-inclusive, and is reflected by all that is real and eternal and by nothing else. He fills all space, and it is impossible to conceive of such omnipresence and individuality except as infinite Spirit or Mind. Hence all is Spirit and spiritual.

SH 331:20

We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things.

SH 129:22-24

Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God.

SH 254:31

Life is real, and death is the illusion. A demonstration of the facts of Soul in Jesus’ way resolves the dark visions of material sense into harmony and immortality.

SH 428:3-6

Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sackcloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-winged dove descending upon you. The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.

SH 574:25-30

Take heart, dear sufferer, for this reality of being will surely appear sometime and in some way. There will be no more pain, and all tears will be wiped away. When you read this, remember Jesus’ words, “The kingdom of God is within you.” This spiritual consciousness is therefore a present possibility.

SH 573:29
The weekly Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson is from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.


September 21 – 27, 2015