How many times do you catch yourself thinking, “what if it doesn’t work out?” Or, “what if something goes wrong?” Or, “what if I can’t ___ (you fill in the blank)?” It is common knowledge that most of the things we worry about never happen. And yet – we still fret!

Wouldn’t it be more satisfying and healing to fill thought with “What IS…” – what is the Holy Spirit saying to me about my situation? Since the Holy Spirit is divine Love, the communication is never fearful or terrible or limiting or anything bad. It is always and only positive, harmonious, uplifting, expanding, creating, blessing, and on and on and on to infinite good.

So really, whenever a “what if” comes to you, think of it as a “just suppose:” Just suppose the Holy Spirit isn’t here…Just suppose the Divine isn’t all and only…Just suppose divine Love isn’t omnipotent and omnipresent. “Just suppose” is impossible.

Instead of accepting the mere “supposition,” replace it with “What is the spiritual fact right here, right now!”

I am surrounded and secure by God’s powerful embrace, for this is the activity of Life, wherever I am.

I am inspired and guided by Mind’s all-seeing wisdom.

I am equipped and empowered by the Soul of my being.

I am fulfilled and satisfied by Love’s abundant goodness.

I stand on Truth, the rock of my unbreakable spiritual foundation.

Photo courtesy of Virginia Harris