Recently a patient contacted me, asking for treatment in dealing with several situations in her life that looked to be stubbornly stuck or hopelessly stagnant. To illustrate her need for help, she emailed a list that included long-standing disagreements with a neighbor, unresolved issues with her kids, an intractable employee who wasn’t meeting deadlines, legal problems that appeared unsolvable.

Everything in my friend’s life seemed stuck and she was really feeling bogged down by it all. As she said, “I need help getting ideas moving.”

Looking at the list of balky items, it occurred to me that on any given day many of us might face similar immoveable situations: could be a chronic physical condition, a long-standing relationship that won’t budge, a stubborn work colleague, kids that won’t cooperate, or neighbors, church members, even world leaders that won’t. Stuck, stuck, stuck we seem to be!

So I began to pray for her and with her, taking each issue she had listed, praying specifically about it by affirming the spiritual origin of each individual involved. It felt so honest and good to pray in this way!

As I concluded the spiritual treatment, it came to me that this list wasn’t a “stuck, stubborn, stagnant list,” rather it was a list of ACTION items! Here was a list of Mind’s individual ideas – ideas that divine Mind wasalready moving, ordering, and resolving.

Mind, God is the all and only source of intelligent action…omniscient! Therefore, thought is already yielding to and following Mind’s ever-present care and governance. The inevitable result brought forward to human view is just the right answer for each situation, for the benefit of all.

My friend and I earnestly affirmed this omni-movement of thought and expected to bear witness to its timely results.

Not too long after this treatment, one by one the very clear and best solutions came into focus and resolved each issue, blessing everyone involved!

How about you? Are you mentally accepting a stuck and stalled list of situations that disturb your peace of mind? No more! These are action items that divine Mind is moving-resolving-governing for a harmonious outcome. Expect it!

Photo courtesy of Virginia Harris