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The ANTIDOTE to self-hatred from homophobia in families & faith communities (VIDEO) – Wednesday 28th January 2015

by | Jan 28, 2015


Christian Science practitioners with whom I have discussed homosexuality have called it everything from a disease to a tragedy to a moral lapse.  Other practitioners, none being ‘official’ voices of the church –especially younger members–have a more modern view.  In this, Christian Scientists mirror the range of attitudes in American Society, which recently has evolved from disapproval to acceptance of members of the gay community and concern for their civil rights. . . .

The Christian Science Monitor: An Evolving Experiment in Journalism.

by Linda K. Fuller


We tell our story to anyone who will listen for one reason only: We are trying, in our own small way, to do something right. By exposing our own grave errors, we pray that others will learn from us and treat their own children differently. We pray that it won’t take them six long years and losing their child to drugs and the streets in order to wake them up to the truth that every parent must love their children without any condition. Our children learn to love themselves through the love that we have for them. And a child who is told “I love you, but I do not love your sin” does not hear love. He does not learn to love himself or that God loves him. Ryan did not. None of the thousands of gay children who have written to me has heard love through those words. None.

 Linda Robertson







December 1, 2014 at 7:23 pm


[To Linda Robertson]

I am so sorry for your pain.

I get it. I finally truly get it. I went through a similar situation with my children. They are grown now, and thankfully, I am able to watch God heal them from some of the mistakes I made during their childhood.  Because of the mistakes I made in causing them to feel that mine or Gods love was conditional, I spent months creating this 5 minute video about how God’s love is 100% unconditional to us.  There is nothing that we can do to make God love us MORE.

And there is nothing we can do to make God love us LESS.  I cried buckets of tears while creating it.

I needed to hear the message too (probably most of all).

I get it now.

I keep thinking how you may want to use it to help others who reach out to you.

Feel free.

Here it is [See video Above]: