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… in the presence of God’s mission and His promise by Laura Moliter ,CS – Friday 24 October 2014

by | Oct 24, 2014

I desire the equal growth and prosperity of ALL Christian Scientists, and the world in general; each and every one has equal opportunity to be benefited by my thoughts and writings.

Mary Baker Eddy

Miscellaneous Writings 291:12


Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me. I hope and trust that you and I may meet in truth and know each other there, and know as we are known of God.

(The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p 120).

… in the presence of God’s mission and His promise.

By Laura Moliter ,CS

Do you realize where you are? Have you recognized the significance of this moment, this place, this sacred space in your life? Moses wasn’t the only one to stand on holy ground, in the presence of God’s mission and His promise.

You and I have a significant purpose to fulfill and to do so we may need to get a better sense of reverence about it. This doesn’t mean our calling is one which is daunting or fearful. What it does mean is that we must enter into each moment with a proper awe that God Himself is there, that His glorious goodness has prepared that moment for us and has readied us to walk forward into it.

We leave our shoes behind. We put off our material trappings, our limitations, our burdens, our disbelief, our excuses, and step into Life with purity and innocence. The holy ground is one that requires your humility, your most genuine self, your willingness, and your grateful awareness of God and His powerful goodness.

Know where you are and treat your life and your unique purpose with due respect. The place where you stand is holy because God is there, and because you are the glorious and perfect evidence of that fact!

Laura Moliter, CS