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I Build to Reach the Sky by Rev. Paul – The cupola at the Mary Baker Eddy Historic House in Chestnut Hill – Wednesday 22 October 2014

by | Oct 22, 2014

The cupola at the Mary Baker Eddy Historic House in Chestnut Hill is a beautiful window into the lives of the staff who lived and worked with Mrs. Eddy. The eight-sided room has an exit door to the roof and affords panoramic views of the eight-acre grounds as well as the hills to the south and west. Adam Dickey and other workers in the household went up there in the evenings to watch the stars and study astronomy when recreation time was afforded.1

Indeed, some of the workers recall that when Mrs. Eddy was informed that Halley’s Comet would be visible in the coming days, she even instructed Mr. Dickey to buy a telescope so the staff could see it for themselves.2 When climbing the stairs in 2014 to enjoy the cupola and the views from the roof, it is easy to imagine several of the workers gathering there after a long day to socialize and gaze upon the stars through the telescope.

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I Build to Reach the Sky

by Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck

Footsteps Along the Way, 2006

(Psalm 27:1)


Oh, may I build a consciousness,

That reaches to the stars;

With mortar of that holiness

Which God alone imparts.


I never need to grovel low

To deal with earthly things;

I never need to error bow,

Which sin and sickness brings.


I never need to misuse trust

That others vest in me;

I never need resort to lust,

To make myself more free.


I never need use mortal thoughts

To get my selfish way;

I never need acknowledge droughts

Of Love along the Way.


For every thought of mine is formed

To manifest the Word;

To have all needed things as norm

When Christ within is Lord.


The Lord I know as Oversoul,

Or Guardian Angel knows;

It knows those things that make me whole

Are present as I grow.


And when I grow as Duty calls,

I build my mansion high;

To grow more Christ-like above all,

I build to reach the sky!



Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck

34538 Via Verde

Capistrano Beach, CA 92624