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Trust by Laura Moliter, CS – Weekend Edition – 04/26/2014

by | Apr 26, 2014


“Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us.” 

(Psalms 62: 8)



by Laura Moliter

2010 Emergence International Keynote Speaker – Chicago

Originally aired as Daily E-inspire 04/25/2014



You can trust in God’s presence and care. Your heart’s desires as well as your doubts and fears are safe with Him. Don’t be timid or prideful about pouring out your heart to Him, releasing those challenging concerns to His tenderness and His power to cleanse and renew you.

We can trust our Father-Mother at all times. There is no occasion too small or too shameful or too difficult for God’s infinite Love and guidance to handle. He is always a refuge, one that is more present than our friends and more understanding of us than we even are of ourselves. He has a lap big enough for each and every one of us to sit on, to be the child whose tears get wiped away and whose ignorance is instructed into wisdom and grateful joy.

God is Truth and He is Love. He will never fail us. His purpose is not to make us feel stupid or ashamed, but instead to bring us into an awareness of what is true, right, and real. He is always with us, a sanctuary where honest revelations are met with kindness, new ideas, assurances, and that clear awareness that we are perfectly understood, perfectly loved, and never alone.

Laura Moliter, CS