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Stand up for Truth with Laura Moliter CS – Daily Bread – 03/27/2014

by | Mar 27, 2014


“When needed tell the truth concerning the lie. Evasion of Truth cripples integrity, and casts thee down from the pinnacle.”

Mary Baker Eddy

(Science and Health, page 448)


Ignoring or avoiding a lie does not destroy it. We can’t expect to win our case without exposing the accusations for their falsity. We can’t keep that boat afloat if we have let the holes remain there as we set sail.

An awareness of Truth is healing and can bring light to the darkness. But there are times when more is needed. We can’t merely say that evil does not exist and expect to move on without consequences. If we make a mistake in a math problem and the teacher corrects it for us, but we still don’t really understand the error, we will likely fail to work out the problem rightly in the future. We must see what is wrong, and correct it with what is right.

Take your stand for the Truth with absolute conviction, and don’t let a single argument against God’s goodness remain unhandled, undestroyed in your thought. The lie uncovered does not leave you exposed. It sets you free. Because when the Truth about that lie is also realized more fully, claimed, then that problem can be demonstrated. The solution can be worked out naturally and we can repeat it as needed.

Don’t let that lie of fear, resentment, guilt, self-justification continue to take up room in your sweet consciousness. Talk it down and out with the Truth. Defend yourself against those false accusations with persistence and confidence. The lies can’t cripple your wholeness when they are seen to be blatant untruths without a leg to stand on!

Laura Moliter, CS