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Desirelessness – Rev Paul Lachlan Peck – 03/06/2014

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by Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck



There was a time when I would seek,

And pray for things of little worth;

When I would want to have a peek

At what the future held for mirth.


The things of matter wooed my yen,

These things of pleasure and desire;

And yet, when I would seek to gain,

These things would vaporize in fire.


The fire of Love which purifies

All false desires, all wanton aims;

The fire which blends and unifies

My thoughts with Perfect God again.


Desirelessness now holds my thought,

Since perfect man has everything;

This Allness of Perfection wrought

In purer motives, All must bring.


For wanting nothing is my goal,

Entire in everything I Am;

No longer cast upon the shoals

Of barren mortal mind’s blind sham.


There are no wants, no hopes, no needs,

For Perfect God or perfect man;

And every thought and word and deed,

In Spirit brings All Good again.


Desirelessness becomes my theme,

As I release the mortal quest;

For Love fulfills my every dream,

And Love restores my soul’s sweet rest.


Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck



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