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Choose Your Moments Well. – Virginia Harris, C.S.B – Daily Bread – 08/20/2013

by | Aug 20, 2013


“Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take.”

Mary Baker Eddy




Choose Your Moments Well.

Virginia Harris, C.S.B

13th Aug 2013


Life is moment-by-moment choices, from the moment you get up until you decide when to go to bed. Of course, some choices are more meaningful than deciding when to get up or go to bed!

Meaningful choices determine your sense or perception of life and your expression of it. They can make you feel alive and engaged and contributing…or they can make you feel isolated, alone, adrift. The choices you make – moment by moment, day by day, year by year – determine life’s experiences. All the more reason, then, to be intentional about your meaningful choices.

“…choose you this day whom ye will serve;…” (Joshua 24:15) Every day, and more than once a day, ask yourself, “Whom will I serve?” and “What am I serving to others?” Are your motives – your deepest thoughts – serving divine Love in gratitude and selflessness or are they serving fear, anger, resentment, revenge?

If you could total all the decisions you make in a day, a month or year, you would probably have a pretty good picture of what you believe is your purpose in life. Who or what you serve is your ‘guiding star’. Wouldn’t you want to express the best you can be? Isn’t this living your highest purpose? The good news is that divine Love is the powerful influence guiding your best intentions. The simple answer to “Whom will I serve?” is God, divine Love. Your purpose, then, is to think and act rightly, for the loving benefit of yourself and others.

Well, you might be thinking, “I have control over my own thoughts and decisions – but what about the decisions that others make that affect me?”

You may not have influence over the actions of others, but you do have control of your reactions. You, and only you, choose how you respond to individuals and situations.

“Know, then, that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love.” (Mary Baker Eddy)

You have the highest power, the fullest power, “to think and act rightly…” and no thing, no person, no place, no circumstance can take this power from you. It is your ‘heritage’, your unbreakable and unchangeable gift from your Father-Mother Love.

As you choose each moment, knowing that you are equipped to think spiritually in order to choose and act rightly, circumstances surrounding you will begin to change for the better. Your life experience will improve. This is proof you are thinking and acting rightly.

Choice by choice, moment by moment, your purpose in life will be clear.

Choose Your Moments Well.