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Traveling Through Inner Space – Daily Bread – 05/31/2013

by | May 31, 2013



Traveling Through Inner Space

* Written and Submitted by Rev. Paul Peck



The reaches through the inner space

Range far and wide indeed;

Through introspect I test each thought,

Through retrospect I learn each need.


The inner space of consciousness

Is thrilling to explore;

As I acquaint myself with God,

My total being is restored.


The need for grace shall never cease,

As I move through each day;

For those who cross my Path through life

May need the Grace that I display.


The need for Love is present here,

To give and to receive;

For Love alone can heal the ills

That mortal mind alone conceives.


More confidence is needed still

To quiet mortal fears;

I trust in the eternal Mind

To guide my Being now and here.


To travel through the inner space,

Exploring every thought,

Is balancing to consciousness,

That nothing shall be done for naught.


I need a sense of quietness

For meditation pure;

To know my Oneness with One God,

To keep my footsteps ever sure.


From: Footsteps Along The Path: New Age Hymns and Poems of Power, page 108

© Reverend Paul Lachlan Peck, iUniverse, 1987, 2005