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With You: The Mark Bingham Story- Daily Bread – 05/24/2013

by | May 24, 2013

“There is one possible moment, when those living on the earth and those called dead, can commune together, and that is the moment previous to the transition – the moment when the link between their opposite beliefs is being surrendered.  In the vestibule through which we pass from one dream to another dream, or when we wake from earth’s sleep to the grand varieties of Life, the departing may hear the glad welcome of those who have gone on before.  The ones departing may whisper this vision, name the face that smiles on them and the hand which beckons them, as one at Niagara, with eyes open only to that wonder, forgets all else and breathes aloud his rapture.”

Mary Baker Eddy

(Science and Health 75:25)

And That Is Dying

* author unknown

I am

standing on the seashore

And a ship spreads its sails to

The mornings breeze and starts

for the ocean.

I stand watching it until

It fades on the horizon.

“She is gone” Gone where?

The loss of sight is in me ,

Not  in her.

Just at the moment when

Someone says, “She is gone”.

There are others who are

Watching her coming.

“Here she comes”.

And that is dying.