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The Art of Focusing

by | Aug 28, 2012


The Art of Focusing



To focus on a primal goal,

Devoting energies to do

One thing to a completed whole,

I work the present task ’til through.


This is my present vital need,

The thought-form I must daily choose;

For scattered thoughts on many deeds

Would have me miss the mark and lose.


The world has many tempting snares,

So many dreams to make me stray;

These are but mortal mind’s trite wares,

Which lure me into fruitless ways.


The art of focusing with Mind,

Of knowing just what must be done;

Then keeping every thought in line,

Reveals God’s Plan for me as One.


Time, space and energy refined,

To utilize as God directs;

Keeps perfect man at One with Mind,

Which I may lovingly reflect.


Oh, keep me from each wayward path,

And make me humbly follow through;

I must avoid that which is  wrath,

Since there is work for me to do.


I listen for the still small voice,

Of Spirit, God, in consciousness;

Then at the finish line rejoice,

For tasks completed now may bless.


So, may I live in nowness,  Lord,

And do the thing most needed here;

I willingly live by the Word,

And focus on what I revere.


©Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck

“Footsteps Along the Path”

iUniverse 1987, 2006