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Home by Tall Daddy Dell

by | Jan 22, 2012

January 23, 2012

Home is not a place, it is a power.

The strongest tie I’ve ever had apart from the love of God, has been my love of Home . . .

If you cannot make a home here, you cannot anywhere.

Mary Baker Eddy

Hello My dear friends! This is “Daddy Dell” coming through with a message about how the Divine One works wonders in transforming our stuck areas of thought and feeling!

It had been quite awhile since I have attended a CS Wednesday night session. But with the urging of good friend we both attended church this week.  When testimony time came I, like many of us, became apprehensive to get up and speak, especially to be the first one!

But that “heavy silence” got to me and I found myself standing up in spite of my feelings.  I spoke about a sense of loss of  “home”  which started when the property my folks had on beautiful Sanibel Island,  Florida was sold a number of years ago.

Mom’s lovely home was torn down by the new owners of the land on the Gulf and it was replaced by a huge monstrosity instead!  Even though this new place was right next door to the cottage where we  stayed  I could not bear to look at it!

Finally, after several days, my good buddy urged me to go over and face the

“lost home dilemma”.  We walked through and all around what once was very familiar territory.  Although I did get to touch a few of the palm trees I had helped plant some years ago nothing else seemed familiar.  As I turned around to look at the replaced entrance way I realized that the old wonderful warm welcoming feeling I always had when visiting there was gone!

And then instead of feeling sad about a loss and anger at what the new owners had done to the place I suddenly felt relieved of a heavy burden in my heart as a calm wise sounding voice spoke within me and said;  “Dell, you did not lose your home here … no matter what you see there now.  Your “home” and your sense of home will never leave you!  It is within you, in your heart and spirit which are always with you!

So feel the comfort of that awareness and be content.  What a joyous relief!  We know that Mrs.Eddy herself was thrust out of several homes before she became self sufficient!

But we learn that Divine  Love supports us wherever we are.  As that meeting progressed several other members of the church also got up and mentioned that their sense of loss of home also had to be healed. It made me realize that we are not alone with our problems.

Others may have similar situations and could benefit from hearing about how our healings came about.  So my dear ones share your concerns and healing experiences, we are together in Emergence International as brothers and sisters as one family and loving support is here!

Tall Daddy Dell

Chicago, IL