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Sharing with Hope & Love

by | Nov 9, 2011

At this time my heart pours out to those in dire need.  Mere words cannot save, but sharing openly and honestly is the key to healing.  Remember what I said a while ago about the importance of the word "HOPE"?  Sharing is HOPE and it’s done through deed of love.

Please do post my input on the Emergence web page.  It would be an honor being a part of sharing with HOPE and…


Michael Bergenheim

Hi everyone!

It has come to me to share something as several of you have done so lately.  I am deeply inspired and thankful for your insights and openness to your stories that are so vital.  Those are surely healing with progress made along the way!  Thank you!!  The past couple of days I have pondered on my experience within the first months of my relationship to Thomas as I had relocated to Germany.  That was in Spring/Summer 2002.  

While riding on a streetcar, being on my way home from work, there was an opportunity to sit quietly.  I can remember being alone in that car and took advantage of deep prayer.  My inquiry was how I could have that relationship with a man and not a woman?  I must have slept for a couple of minutes, but loudly and strongly came within the echo of Galatians 3:28’s "There is neither Jew not Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."  That was an awakening, or the turning point, if you will.  That said to me very clearly that I was His spiritual ideal: made in His image and likeness.  I have been sticking to that, but not as if  that quote would merely be my salvation!

This morning I curiously opened to The King James Bible to Galatians and read the whole of chapter 3.  I was in tears!!!  WOW!! That was very moving.  I was so eager enough that I had to look this up in J.B.Phillips’ The New Testament in Modern English and read its Galatians, chapter 3.  I opened the book and landed right on that page without any effort!!!!  A clearer language of that particular verse reads: "Gone is the distinction between Jew and Greek, slave and free man, male and female–you are all one in Christ Jesus."  Then I read the whole of chapter 3.

I feel so comforted, knowing there is no condemnation as we are in Christ.  

Being on this side of Truth is very hard to watch, witness and feel saddened at the behavior of the officers of TMC.  My Association was in Virginia this past weekend.  I did not think of it.  I didn’t miss it.  There is nothing personal about those meetings.  What’s important is the desire to be on the side of Truth, Love–God-ordained.  It’s as close as feeling lonely from organization, but the reality is freedom in Christ.


Michael Bergenheim 

Vancover, BC.