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2011 Emergence conference Prayer

by | Sep 19, 2011


This is my gift to the Conference, which you may feel free to share with all on your mailing list.
I look within
                        I look within to know my Life
                        As perfect, whole and pure;
                        Within the everlasting Arms
                        My way is steadfast, sure.
                        When error would present itself
                        As Truth to claim my sight,
                        I wholly look to God alone
                        To set my vision right.
                        When sickness, sin, or death would claim
                        My joy, and make me fear,
                        I turn my thoughts to Christ
                        And feel Love’s presence here.
                        When envy, greed or strife would turn
                        My thoughts to lack or pain,
                        I turn to Mind, my Consciousness,
                        And balance comes again.
                        I follow the Great Ones along
                        The Path to future bright;
                        These labored long on earth below
                        To conquer darkened night.
                        Forever free to learn and grow,
                        In oneness, Life, with Thee,
                        The earth my classroom, Heaven my Home,
                        My peace, a surety.
Note: From “Footsteps Along the PathNew Age Hymns and Poems of Power” by Reverend Paul Lachlan Peck  (Metrical Index Included)
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