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by | Jul 23, 2011

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope to see you all in Chicago at the Emergence Conference.
After flying half-way around the world in three consecutive days; (hosting our Tahitian group cruise followed three days later by our Danube River cruise), Bill and I returned to San Francisco in time to attend the Wednesday Evening Service — just two days ago.
The topic was "Hope" and I was inspired to give a testimony, conveying the role hope played in that experience. I would like to share the spiritual "nuggets" of the testimony with you.
Hope is not mere desire… otherwise, it would be desire and not hope. Hope carries with it the absolute confidence that our desires are possible. If our desires weren’t possible, they would be false hope. As we read in Psalms, God gives us the desires of our heart — and He does not give us false desire or false hope.
As Christian Science demonstrates, hope leads us naturally to joyous expectation which results in fulfillment, because every right idea, carries with it, everything necessary to complete that right idea.
After giving the background of our extraordinary journey, which seemed daunting, if not impossible, I quoted the former C.S.B., Margaret Laird who said: "I am the world through which I walk." I love that thought and use it frequently as I travel. As I walk through my world, "I walk with Love along the way" and bring with me my hopes and dreams, my health and my power, my harmony and my love, my peace and my joy, my weather – and yes, even my parking place.
I concluded by expressing gratitude for the realization that wherever I go, God is!
Hope to see you October 6th in Chicago.
With big (Tahitian) hugs,
Tom Taffel (and of course), Bill Repp