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EI Members Interviewed

by | Oct 31, 2010

Some of our members were recently interviewed for a feature in a local magazine. Check out

 LGBT Christian Scientist group to hold conference in Tempe, in Pheonix, Arizona’s Echo Magazine.


"We Love Him, Because He First Loved Us."


I John 4: 19



Our duty to God is to love Him, with all our heart, soul, and mind. Jesus said of this command, “This is the first and great commandment.” To this commandment the Master attached a second, about loving our neighbor as ourselves. He said of the second that it is “like unto [the first]”—that is, loving our neighbor is like loving God. In following these commands, we must naturally feel the sanctity of life, and respect each individual’s right to life.





Marta Greenwood

 – June

 12, 2006, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.


"Christian Science doesn’t emanate from Boston, the worldwide headquarters for the Church, but is found in every human heart. Through this universal law, we can gain a very inclusive sense of Christian Science that embraces and uplifts everyone. It destroys any artificial wall between Christian Science and the community because we see that we all have the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, one intelligent source which is God."   –  Lyle Young, C.S.B.  (Christian Science Healing: A Global Movement –



Now Is the Time


"Prayers are being answered. Love and hugs to all of you.

We are on the right side of history and Love is ever with us."

New Leaf


"As we begin another new year, let us resolve to be more dedicated to the study and practice of Mrs. Eddy’s remarkable revelation. Somewhere in the past, we each made a total commitment to being a student of Christian Science. Let’s resolve to do something each day to build a stronger spiritual foundation within through a deeper study of this Science of God, and let’s learn to do more of our own healing work. Let’s return to basics, to a new appreciation of Mary Baker Eddy as our dear Leader, and let us pray for the world and include all mankind in our daily thoughts filled with a compassionate love for those in the world struggling to realize freedom, justice, and human rights in their lives."


Ann Beals – The Bookmark


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