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by | Dec 27, 2003

In 1969 the man I was in love with was killed in an automobile accident.
I was not a Christian Scientist at the time — actually was Assistant Organist
at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and was an Episcopalian (the church that
ordained the gay Bishop — who incidentally will be the preacher at the Pride
Service at Old South Church held before Boston's Gay Pride Parade!). I was
completely turned upside down and was looking everywhere for peace. I went
to a spiritualist to try to get in touch with him, got into Religious Science,
and in 1971 was appointed to Trinity Church on the Green in New Haven, CT.
I began my duties there in June and in October I picked up the Christian
Science Sentinel
. After reading a few articles I suddenly realized that
this was what I had been looking for and knew at that very moment I would
be in Christian Science full-time.

I had met someone in New Haven in July and, in that I was desperately trying
to find someone to fill the void, I fell for this person. It was not a two
way street and it caused me quite a bit of anguish. In January I decided to
ask a practitioner to help me get over this person. I remember telling him
that I was gay and that was not the problem, but that I was in love with someone
who was not ready to make a commitment and I wanted him to help me get over
this. He said to me, "Steve, that is like your asking me to help you
rob a bank." I was stunned! (Of course, it was completely the wrong answer
for him to give me.)

Here I was, completely involved in Christian Science which was saving me
from the brink brought on by the auto accident and suddenly I was told that
in Christian Science, being gay was a problem. I decided I needed to be "healed"
of the attraction but I also decided that I was not going to give up the lifestyle
because it was the only one I knew. By lifestyle, I mean the kind of friends
I had, the way I lived, the conversations we had — this had nothing to do
with sex.

Later I did actually try for a healing of homosexulity itself, but eventually,
and finally, the prayerful work revealed to me that I don't need to be healed
of homosexuality any more than I need to be healed of having blue eyes. I
further realized that the Scriptural texts that seem to condemn homosexuality
are talking about prostitution. I do not believe that the Bible condemns gay
and lesbian people and it is interesting to read the several treatises we
now have on the subject. Jesus said that some eunuchs are born from their
mother's womb! The Bible is pretty explicit about the love of Jonathan and

The Mother Church has its own history of intolerance when it comes to certain
social issues. The marking of "colored" churches and practitioners
in the Christian Science Journal, for example, was not instituted
by Mrs. Eddy, but nevertheless it wasn't until 1956 that this marking was

I am grateful to see progress at The Mother Church regarding the issue of
homosexuality, but we need to keep praying for there to be progress in the

With love to all!

Stephen Loher,
Boston, MA