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A Celebration of Life for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B.

Recently a life celebration was held for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B., a pioneering feminist artist of the stature of Judy Chicago, who went on to become a Christian Science healing practitioner, teacher and lecturer, speaking to university medical audiences between 1994 and 2001. Kathleen met her soulmate while taking primary class instruction in 1985 and ultimately wed Suzanne Nightingale in… Read more »

Keith S. Collins – The Christian Science Monitor: Its History, Mission, and People

Interview with the Author Keith S. Collins, author of The Christian Science Monitor: Its History, Mission, and People is interviewed by George Spitzer, Publisher, Nebbadoon Press: GS. Any organization has to be distinctive or it eventually disappears. What is distinctive about the Monitor? KSC. At its best, the Monitor lifts people up. In the face of a lot of the news, its quiet approach can… Read more »

EI Members Interviewed

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Some of our members were recently interviewed for a feature in a local magazine. Check out  LGBT Christian Scientist group to hold conference in Tempe, in Pheonix, Arizona’s Echo Magazine.   "We Love Him, Because He First Loved Us."   I John 4: 19                                 … Read more »

New Book on GLBT Christian Scientists

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Our Emergence International Historian has shed light on a hitherto unknown chapter in the annals of Christian Science. This is the story of lesbian/gay believers and their pursuit for respect and dignity in the Christian Science Church. The book traces their stormy encounters from the days of near total rejection up to the friendlier atmosphere of the 21st century. This… Read more »