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Emergence International Conference 2021

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Emergence International, Inc. will hold a Zoom conference on Friday and Saturday, October 15th and 16th, 2021. Our theme is: “One Singular Creation — The Unity Of All” The biggest lie circulating at the moment pertains to the notion of a divided creation, a fractious world, and a broken nation. This belief is but the suppositional opposite of Mrs. Eddy’s teachings about man’s… Read more »

Emergence International Conference 2020

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When: Saturday, October 24. Topic: Divine Government Our 2020 conference will be virtual, via Zoom, on Saturday October 24.  Those interested in attending should contact Bob McCullough at with the email address you want to be included in the Zoom invitation.

A Celebration of Life

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A Celebration of Life (Memorial Service) You can use a share A talk by Tom Taffel at the 2018 Emergence Conference Below is a “Celebration of Life Service” you can use and share with others. It’s uplifting, joyous, healing and ‘ready to go.’ In time of need, you will not need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. I… Read more »

A Celebration of Life through Music

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Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal Assembled by Tom Taffel 64,    From Sense to soul my pathway lies before me 134,  I look to Thee in every need 146,  In god I find a precious gift 77,    God is my strong salvation 413,  Let us sing of Easter gladness 263,  Only God can bring us gladness 412,  O dreamer, leave thy… Read more »