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Love Relationships Marriage

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Prepared by Tom Taffel for the 2007 Emergence International Annual Conference Sunday Service held in Phoenix Arizona November 4, 2007 

Letter to The Christian Science Board of Directors

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December 9, 1997 Virginia S. Harris, Chairman The Christian Science Board of Directors 175 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115-3187 Dear Mrs. Harris: With great care I shall explain why a life-long student of Christian Science felt compelled to withdraw from church membership while remaining loyal to the teachings of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy and like so many, felt… Read more »

Neither Gay nor Straight

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The revelation which came to Mary Baker Eddy included the vision that gender, or sexuality, is a human concept, a limited perception of individual identity. Gender… is a quality, not of God, but a characteristic of mortal mind (Science and Health 305). Masculine, feminine, and neuter genders are human concepts (S&H 516). Look long enough, and you see male and… Read more »

So My Nature is Complete

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Mary Baker Eddy, General Collectanea, pg. 73 This is my support, that the male and female natures are equally expressed, coexistent in me. This is the way that I exist and is the reason I never lack. It is because I am of the nature of infinite completeness; there is never anything in my experience in which the male and… Read more »

If God is really Mother and loves us…

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From the Christian Science Lesbian Connection newsletter One thing I learned from my Sunday School teachers was how to gain new insight into Bible and Science and Health passages by substituting words. For example, whenever it says "God," we can change it to "Mind" or "Love" or "Our Creator" or "The Almighty." Another example: wherever it says "man," it's meaningful… Read more »