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“Confrontation at the 1969 Annual Meeting”

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By Tom Taffel DEED OF GIFT AND COPYRIGHT LICENSE AGREEMENTTom Taffel<< Address on file >>The First Church of Christ, ScientistOctober 17, 2012 (Date Property Received)December 20, 2012 (Signed Under Seal) Prologue:  One month earlier, on May 4, 1969, James Forman interrupted the service of Riverside Church of New York to read a 2,500-word “Black Manifesto” and to make specific demands to… Read more »

How a gay soccer player was hired as first out teacher at a Christian Science school

Ross Furbush was able to be his authentic self with the help of his mentor, whose acceptance of LGBTQ people mirrored that of his church. Read the full article on

Sayings by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton

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by Denis Glover (Oxford-educated Henniker-Heaton was an extraordinary, down-to-earth Christian Scientist of the old sort, humbly full of many insights and good humor. His healing of long-term, “incurable” paralysis during the WWII bombing of London is a classic one.) NOTE: On at least two occasions when Henniker-Heaton’s healing was publicized, he suffered a brief period of difficulty in walking.  For example,… Read more »

Living our values and valuing our lives through Emergence International

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by Tom TaffelJanuary 31, 2020 “Living our values and valuing our lives through Emergence International.” “Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us.” (S&H 79:31) Are you coming from a place of scarcity or abundance? The decision is yours to make — and what a rewarding, life-changing decision it is. Abundance should… Read more »

Coming Out For Good

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by Tom Taffel April 24, 2019 The following article was recently rejected for publication from the Christian Science Publishing Society. From the editors: “Publication of your article would definitely look like an endorsement from The Mother Church of homosexual practice. Thus, we cannot publish it.” Walking through the valley of the shadow of death wasn’t the path I chose; but it was… Read more »

A Celebration of Life for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B.

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Recently a life celebration was held for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B., a pioneering feminist artist of the stature of Judy Chicago, who went on to become a Christian Science healing practitioner, teacher and lecturer, speaking to university medical audiences between 1994 and 2001. Kathleen met her soulmate while taking primary class instruction in 1985 and ultimately wed Suzanne Nightingale in… Read more »

Glimpses of Eternity

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by Tom Taffel Due to unexpected time constraints, I curtailed my 2018 Emergence International, St. Louis talk: “Life, Death and Our Journey Home” – which unfortunately deprived our attendees of the most important and elucidating part of the talk devoted to “Shared Death Experiences,” based on Mary Baker Eddy’s illuminating, (albeit underappreciated), statement in Science and Heath: There is one possible moment, when… Read more »

A Celebration of Life

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A Celebration of Life (Memorial Service) You can use a share A talk by Tom Taffel at the 2018 Emergence Conference Below is a “Celebration of Life Service” you can use and share with others. It’s uplifting, joyous, healing and ‘ready to go.’ In time of need, you will not need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. I… Read more »

A Celebration of Life through Music

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Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal Assembled by Tom Taffel 64,    From Sense to soul my pathway lies before me 134,  I look to Thee in every need 146,  In god I find a precious gift 77,    God is my strong salvation 413,  Let us sing of Easter gladness 263,  Only God can bring us gladness 412,  O dreamer, leave thy… Read more »

Protect and Defend

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by Tom Taffel June 3, 2013 To defend is the natural tendency to guard and fortify. Naturally, we take steps to defend ourselves against the things we think will threaten, attack, and weaken us. This is quite different from being “defensive,” which is often associated with suspicious and distrustful behavior. To me, the battle cry of defensiveness is the costly… Read more »