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A Celebration of Life for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B.

Recently a life celebration was held for Kathleen Clementson, B.D.A.E., C.S.B., a pioneering feminist artist of the stature of Judy Chicago, who went on to become a Christian Science healing practitioner, teacher and lecturer, speaking to university medical audiences between 1994 and 2001. Kathleen met her soulmate while taking primary class instruction in 1985 and ultimately wed Suzanne Nightingale in… Read more »

Glimpses of Eternity

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by Tom Taffel Due to unexpected time constraints, I curtailed my 2018 Emergence International, St. Louis talk: “Life, Death and Our Journey Home” – which unfortunately deprived our attendees of the most important and elucidating part of the talk devoted to “Shared Death Experiences,” based on Mary Baker Eddy’s illuminating, (albeit underappreciated), statement in Science and Heath: There is one possible moment, when… Read more »

Emergence International Conference 2018

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When: Thursday, October 18 through Sunday, October 21. Topic: One infinite God, good,… equalizes the sexes (Science and Health, p. 340) Keynote Speaker: George Wadleigh, CS, of Elgin, Illinois Workshops: For attendees to explore the topic in depth. Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, St. Louis Airport Hotel Reservations: $129 per night. Includes spacious two room suite, mini refrigerator, microwave, complimentary WiFi, daily hot breakfast, evening… Read more »

A Celebration of Life

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A Celebration of Life (Memorial Service) You can use a share A talk by Tom Taffel at the 2018 Emergence Conference Below is a “Celebration of Life Service” you can use and share with others. It’s uplifting, joyous, healing and ‘ready to go.’ In time of need, you will not need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. I… Read more »

A Celebration of Life through Music

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Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal Assembled by Tom Taffel 64,    From Sense to soul my pathway lies before me 134,  I look to Thee in every need 146,  In god I find a precious gift 77,    God is my strong salvation 413,  Let us sing of Easter gladness 263,  Only God can bring us gladness 412,  O dreamer, leave thy… Read more »

Protect and Defend

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by Tom Taffel June 3, 2013 To defend is the natural tendency to guard and fortify. Naturally, we take steps to defend ourselves against the things we think will threaten, attack, and weaken us. This is quite different from being “defensive,” which is often associated with suspicious and distrustful behavior. To me, the battle cry of defensiveness is the costly… Read more »

“Evil is neither communicable nor scientific”

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“Evil is neither communicable nor scientific” by Tom Taffel Revised June 28, 2017 In the truest sense of the word, only good, derived from God, is communicable, scientific and of lasting benefit. God’s thoughts never leave their source. They communicate only good — never evil — as the means to teach us beneficial lessons. Erroneous beliefs can have many camouflages… Read more »

Coming Out for Good

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“Coming Out For Good” by Tom Taffel 8/17/16 Walking through the valley of the shadow of death wasn’t the path I chose; but it was the one in front of me as a gay Christian Science Sunday school student in search of my identity. Although I was athletic and courageous, I was also sensitive, kind, creative, compassionate and artistic. I… Read more »

Emergence International 2015: “A glorious day is dawning”

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At the 2015 Conference in St. Louis, the following keynote speech was delivered by Dr. John Near, retired Professor Emeritus of Music at Principia College. Emergence International 2015: “A glorious day is dawning” Dr. John R. Near, Professor Emeritus of Music, Principia College Good morning! I’d like to begin by reading Hymn 2 from the Christian Science Hymnal. A glorious… Read more »

Daily Bread Finale – Eddy and the right time to disorganize – Wednesday, 30 September, 2015

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  “…Disorganize the National Christian Scientist Association! and each one return to his place of labor, to work out individually and alone, for himself and for others, the sublime ends of human life.” Mary Baker Eddy Miscellaneous Writings 137: 19-22 e-inspire by Laura Moliter, CS 29.09.2015.Tuesday “…Jesus once said, ‘Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye… Read more »