Love, Life and Legacy with Eddy, JK Rowling and Dell Yarnell – Saturday, 26th September, 2015

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J.K Rowling: Well, I definitely know that – that love is the most powerful thing of all and I remember thinking that – God, I’m about to make myself cry but, I remember thinking that when 9/11 happened because those last phone calls were about – the last thing knowingly, that I’m going to say on this earth is “I love you”. What’s more powerful than that? What’s more proof than that? Beyond fear, beyond death.

J.K Rowling: Love wins. It does win. We know it wins. When a person dies, love isn’t turned-off like a faucet. 


You can choose life!

From the September 22, 1980 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


We live beyond the death belief. Mrs. Eddy says, “In the illusion of death, mortals wake to the knowledge of two facts: (1) that they are not dead; (2) that they have but passed the portals of a new belief.”4 This ongoing state of existence after death is a probationary period where one continues to face the unreal concept of life in matter. It is not an experience of reincarnation—a returning to material life in some other form, or as some other person. Rather it is a continuation of one’s own self—a further state where one must eventually put off the false belief that says he can be separated from God, who is Life.

Moses promised a blessing to all who chose life. Mrs. Eddy speaks of the blessing of having a spiritual sense of the Life that is God: “The sweet and sacred sense of the permanence of man’s unity with his Maker can illumine our present being with a continual presence and power of good, opening wide the portal from death into Life; and when this Life shall appear ‘we shall be like Him,’ and we shall go to the Father, not through death, but through Life; not through error, but through Truth.”5

Indeed there is a choice, and all can make it daily, even hourly. Clinging to man’s unity with Life, and denying reality to that which is not of Life, bring the inevitability of living, not dying.

Yarnell, Delbert “Dell” –