Look for Signs Following in Nature – Thursday, 10 September, 2015

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Shortly after Dell’s passing I was led to this article in The NYTimes.  My thought after reading it was yea, right.  How am I going to see some wild animal in the heart of the city where I live?  But that very night after reading this article I walked by a porch light after parking the car.  For the first time ever I saw a cicada/locust up close.  I could see it buzzing with the loud noise which reminded me of the summers I spent with my grandmother who was a Journal listed, CS practitioner.  It felt very comforting.

One of my last discussions with Dell a few weeks before his passing was on that bug that I had just seen up close for the first time.  After telling Dell that was my favorite bug I asked him why he thought that?  He stated because it is so loud.  We both laughed so hard together we almost peed our pants.  I also told him they go through a great transformation after years of being patient and solitaire.  Some provide much needed nourishment for the other animals.  Above all, they climb!

Even though the technical name is cicada it also led us into a discussion of the famous Bible passage: “I shall return to you the years that the locust had eaten”.  

What moved me even more is that there was a pair together with several more in the distance that night after Dells passing.

Now, God, you are showing off, I thought. lol! 

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