Earth’s Preparatory School, Carpe Diem – (Good Can Never Be Destroyed) – Tuesday, 15th September, 2015

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The fact that the Christ, or Truth, overcame and still overcomes death proves the ‘King of terrors’ to be but a mortal belief, or error, which Truth destroys with the spiritual evidences of Life, and this shows that what appears to the senses to be death is but a mortal illusion, for to the real man and the real universe there is no death-process.

Mary Baker Eddy

(Science and Health 289:14)

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Good can never be destroyed

From The Christian Science Journal – February 13, 2013

After my husband’s passing, the phrase “earth’s preparatory school” came to thought (Science and Health, p. 486). The concept that these three words pointed to, served to weaken the grasp of grief and injustice. I was reminded that this earthly experience was not about achieving perfect human circumstances, but rather it was the “school” in which I was learning about my unbroken relationship to God.

Inspired ideas continued to sustain me during those first weeks. Dear friends flew me home, packed me up, and helped place belongings into storage. One friend offered her home in Italy for a peaceful place to come and pray about my next steps.

One morning I considered a law found in Christian Science that error, or evil, “can never destroy one iota of good” (Science and Health, p. 186). My training to become an attorney had taught me how to build a reasoned argument to win a legal case. I began to ponder how I could build a reasoned argument based on the spiritual law that nothing could in any way extinguish, sabotage, or diminish even a hint of good. One of the most difficult aspects of my husband’s passing was the absence of our daily praying together and sharing healing ideas. I reasoned that since all good has its source in God, if this sharing was good, and if error had no power to destroy good, then I could not experience any absence of this good.

After positing this argument, I began to reminisce about how easy my husband had been to love. A statement from Science and Health promises: “The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares” (p. 574). All at once an influx of divine inspiration filled my thought. I entertained angels. One shared with me that I was to love all without conditions—not just those who were easy to love. Another assured me that all were included in the same embrace and safety that is inherent in expressing the limitless love of God. In that instant I realized that the sense of communion my husband and I had enjoyed in our daily sharing of inspiration also had its source in God and therefore could not be lost. The grief lifted. I was certain that my husband was held in the same loving embrace I now felt.