“A very present help in trouble” with Eddy, Tom Hanks and the Sentinel – Tuesday, 29th September, 2015

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… for many years she [Mary Baker Eddy] was sickly, her child was taken from her, she was ridiculed for her work, left poverty-stricken and frequently in need of a home. Her life was restored in a way that made her one of the most generous benefactors of her century. 

From the September 2, 1996 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


“In the storm of misunderstandings and criticism, in the stress of ingratitude and betrayal; constantly tried as by fire; at times, all but overwhelmed by the waters of malice, envy, and hate; beset by poverty, homelessness, and loneliness, this women pressed on. Healing cases her students failed to heal, pondering and communing with her heavenly Father, she meekly broke the bread of Truth with her fellow men. In the face of opposition greater than the world had known since the advent of Christianity, she would not be swayed from her God-appointed task. In the secret recesses of her heart Mary Baker Eddy guarded the truth God had revealed to her.”

(Twelve years with Mary Baker Eddy – Rev. Irving Tomlinson, page 42)



“A very present help in trouble”

From the March 29, 1969 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

[The questioner is ]


Questioner: People would like to feel that help is always available. But when a person is alone or away from home, perhaps he feels cut off from such help. Don’t you agree that we could be in places where no help is available?

Speaker: No, I can’t conceive of that, and here’s why. Divine help is always available. I know of countless people who have proved this and are proving it. People of many faiths have found that Bible promises—such as this one from Psalms (46:1): “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”—provide more than mere comfort or assurance.
Questioner: You mentioned divine help. Often the reason for a feeling of insecurity is the need for more material help to solve the problem of the moment—money, a job, food, shelter, health care.
Speaker: There’s a very reasonable and practical basis for finding help, and it is rooted in divine law. This law is the law of man’s inseparability from God. It’s a constant force. We need to wake up to it. It’s a little like ourselves and the sun. The sun is always here, but we have to open the blinds to feel its warmth and have its light.

This basic truth of man’s inseparability from God was what Christ Jesus taught. He not only said (Matt. 6:8), “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him,” but he showed by his life that needs could be met in whatever situation a person is—whether in a tempest on a lake, without food on a mountaintop, in a wilderness, or facing affliction, disease, incurability. And as we today grow in the understanding of man’s true selfhood, his inseparable relationship to the Father, divine Truth and Love, we’ll find that this relationship is a law in our experience, bringing healing and the help we need wherever we are, whatever the circumstance.
Questioner: But there is clear evidence that people aren’t always helped in time of trouble. Aren’t you talking about a special divine intervention in behalf of one person but not of another?
Speaker: What I’m talking about is not a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It’s help that’s continually available for everyone, whether he’s awake or asleep, conscious of its possibility or not. It is an ever-present help, an ever-present force of good. That may sound a little far out to you, but let’s explore for a few minutes what this help really is.

* Photo below: Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier still on duty even when the government closed for a snow day in Washington.