A Remembrance for 9/11 by Virginia Harris, C.S.B and J.K. Rowling – Friday, 11 September, 2015

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Winfrey: In my magazine I do a column at the magazine called ‘what do you know for sure’? and every month when I write it I’m like “I don’t know a thing!”

Rowling: I’m really glad you said that because I thought what if you ask me what do I know for sure, this is going to be tricky. Okay, okay.

Winfrey: Yeah, I’m prefacing it by saying it’s difficult to know what you know for sure.

Rowling: Yeah, it is.

Winfrey: But what do you?

Rowling: Well, I definitely know that – that love is the most powerful thing of all and I remember thinking that – God, I’m about to make myself cry but, I remember thinking that when 9/11 happened because those last phone calls were about – the last thing knowingly, that I’m going to say on this earth is “I love you”. What’s more powerful than that? What’s more proof than that? Beyond fear, beyond death.

Rowling: Love wins. It does win. We know it wins. When a person dies, love isn’t turned-off like a – I was going to say tap, but it’s faucet. ‘

Winfrey: Yes.

Rowling: It isn’t turned-off. Yeah. It is an amazingly resilient part of us, isn’t it?

Winfrey: So you believe in a higher power?

Rowling: Yeah, I would say I do. Yes. And would I call it God, yes. For want of a better word sometimes, but yes. Yeah.

Transcript of Oprah Interview with JK Rowling – Harry Potter’s Page




A Remembrance for 9/11

by Virginia Harris, C.S.B.

The Lord is the shepherd of my thoughts;

I shall not want for divine ideas.

He makes me rest in the awareness of my own divinity:

He leads me to the inner stillness.

He restores my soul to its inner purity:

He guides me in the right use of my powers and abilities.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt,

I will fear no evil – for thou art with me;

Thy power and thy presence, they comfort me.

Thou preparest an unlimited blessing for me, in every situation:

Thou anointest my head with understanding;

My whole being is filled with the light of thy understanding.

Surely God’s ideas are mine all the days of my life:

And I shall dwell in this perfect awareness forever.

–Author Unknown