No One is Unwanted (+ Video- Son of God, “Unwanted Girl” ) – Monday, 24 August, 2015

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If the Scientist has enough Christly affection to win his own pardon, and such commendation as the Magdalen gained from Jesus, then he is Christian enough to practise scientifically and deal with his patients compassionately; and the result will correspond with the spiritual intent.

SH 365:19
From Concord Express – A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings

No One Is Unwanted

From the December 2, 1972 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Many people, looking back to their childhood, remember with gratitude the benefits of feeling very much wanted by their parents. Such parents were always ready to give their children loving care. Now these children in turn find it easy to love their parents and to care for their needs.

But what of those who are haunted by the suspicion that they were not originally wanted or that they became a burden later? And what of the parents who found themselves unexpectedly burdened by unwanted children?

Divine Love provides solutions for these problems. Christian Science can heal both the feeling of being unwanted and the feeling of being burdened. The truth is that regardless of how parents might feel, everyone is a child of God and is always wanted by his real creator. A human parent is not a creator. The real child and the real parent are spiritual ideas. Spirit is their creator. Each one is loved by God.

If a child is unexpected or unwanted, the parents’ tendency to reject him, along with the effects of this rejection upon the child, can be healed. So can any subsequent feeling that the family is burdened. The pattern of repeated rejection does not have to follow the child through life. It can be detected and reversed. Whether we were wanted or not, we can release ourselves, and others who come into our experience, from this belief. The belief of being unwanted is often at the root of timidity, withdrawal, and hostility.