Reparative Therapy Unmasked – by Rob Scott – Tuesday, 16th June, 2015

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You don’t have to wait for anyone to approve who you are or who your children are because they [gays and lesbians] are approved.  They are already fully sanctified by their Maker.

Ethel Baker, C.S.B.


Mrs. Eddy stated “We take the inspired word of the Bible”.  Mrs. Eddy never said anything that homosexuality needed to be healed and she is are only leader.  Please don’t speak in her name.

Should a couple (gay or  straight) who can’t conceive children be allowed to get married?  Perhaps they will adopt unwanted or unloved children and give them hope where there once was none.  Perhaps they will be a union of hearts or a barrier against vice as Mrs. Eddy States.

I have read those other articles on JSH online only to find several out the authors regretted writing them as it did not “FEEL” right to them.  Some stated they wrote them because the Church” told” or “asked” them to write them.

Also, I saw the pain in the faces of those parents at the MidWest Church Alive Summit 2014 who had gay children because those antigay articles on JSH Online destroyed their child’s spirit almost beyond repair to the human sense.

Some left Christian Science altogether because of it and may have no belief in God today.  I wonder what happened to them?

There was a youth who reached out to a branch church member who suffered from a belief of HIV/AIDS and was denied help until he agreed to be healed of his sexuality.  He left and was never heard from again.  I wonder what happened to him?

Why should sensuality be limited to homosexuality and not heterosexuality?  Perhaps some homosexuality  held up a mirror to their own heterosexual behavior?  One antigay CSB in a prior antigay blog stated that heterosexuals can be as promiscuous as homosexuals.

We love anyone suffering under homosexuality or any other sin, remembering how much God has loved us through pure grace (YOUR COMMENTS).

I suspect you have been loving but a child who is made to feel unacceptable or broken for who he loves does not feel love.  Not one heard love through that statement. None.

I can tell you from personal experience that family and religious rejection is the real sin and can lead to self harm behavior, promiscuity and suicide.  I know as it was your children I talked out of suicide as a crisis intervention and suicide prevention counselor for youth.

She doesn’t specifically deny membership to people committing ax murder or adultery either (YOUR COMMENTS).

How can you compare a Lesbian  State Supreme Court Justice (see earlier comment below) raising children for years with a committed partner to an ax murderer or adultery???
But the adulterous woman  is one of the ones speaking out against marriage equality right now? Perhaps she became the pampered hypocrite.

Jesus wrote on the sand the secret sins of those who would have had their fellow-sinner stoned in support of their own self-righteousness. Their assumption of innocence in bringing a less fortunate culprit to punishment could not hide from piercing purity of Jesus’ consciousness the sinfulness they had hidden from the world; and he turned upon them the sentence of their own moral distance from purity and goodness.
From the September 22, 1906 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

An example of this secret sin can be seen in the following CSMonitor article below on an anti-gay GOP House Leader who hid behind his anti-gay dogma:

“The hypocrisy is breathtaking in its depth,” said Elizabeth Birch, former president of the Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

As one Journal Listed Christian Science Practitioner stated: Divine Love is having its day in our day.

There are gays and lesbians at all levels within the Christian Science movement.

Same sex marriage can be a gift from God.

Imagine if a youth on this site knew he was loved by God unconditionally and not an abomination.  Imagine if his parents loved him unconditionally.  Imagine if he/she felt welcomed in church and that he/she was born perfect and  Not somebody who needed reparative therapy.

Do you think that child would be better off than leaving their family and religion behind and heading out to the big city feeling unloved.  Perhaps this is how the false landmarks become enticing because pain + pleasure = addiction.

If there is a want or need it on this site it is for an article titled “Reparative Therapy Unmasked”to address those antigay articles written in the past and some of the ignorant comments on here that have been harmful to those struggling with their sexuality.

For what it may be worth to you – I am a Journal listed CS practitioner, When my son, my only child, came out as gay a number of years ago, I did not ask God to change him; I asked God to change me-to open my eyes and heart wide enough to not lose sight of all that really matters and to all that is real and true about my son as His whole and holy ideal. So I have always been free to happily love my son with all my heart, And he loves me, too.
-Barbara,  AZ
From – Church Alive Blog

Coming soon – “Reparative Therapy Unmasked” – by Rob Scott