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“Do You Believe?” with Virginia Harris, C.S.B. & The Today Show – Wednesday, 01 April, 2015

by | Apr 1, 2015


Some type of a personal relationship to a higher power offers more protection against mental health problems and suffering than anything known to the medical and social sciences.

Lisa Miller, Ph.D., is director of clinical psychology and founder of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University, Teachers College. The author of “The Spiritual Child,” she has spent over a decade researching the impact of religion and spirituality.



“Do You Believe?”

by Virginia Harris, C.S.B.

March31, 2015

There is a very thought-provoking daily series on the “Today” morning television show in the US this week called “Do You Believe?”. This focused exploration covers key questions fundamental to spirituality and faith. So far on Monday and Tuesday, teens, scientists, church-leaders and worshippers have been asked, “Does prayer work?” and “Who is God?”. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

I love that this show is being aired this Easter week, the holiest of weeks for millions of Christians throughout the world. By presenting contemporary experiences and insights of many religious and non-affiliated active spiritual seekers, the series shows the many common threads that connect us all. This is a powerful reminder of Christ Jesus’ demand to love one another by doing and being good to all, unconditionally.

How grateful I am to see this vibrant and uplifting presentation of practical spirituality! On one of the US’ most popular TV programs, here is recognition that prayer is relied on each day by countless individuals in all walks of life (including Today show presenters!) and that prayer and its effects should be discussed more openly; plus, there is a mighty movement of thinkers, across a broad spectrum of believers, who earnestly want to know more about God as love and to have a practical relationship with this power…today. As one theologian stated, “This is all good news!”

Here are links to Monday and Tuesday segments, along with additional videos that are only online:

Monday Today show

Tuesday Today show

Clearly there is a vital conversation going on that you can join wherever you are. Share your own ideas with family and friends about prayer and what you are learning about your relationship with God as Love. And yes — Happy Easter!

(The above photo was taken by me in the corner of a garden in Israel.)