Welcome to Alabama – #37 on Top 50 Countdown – Monday 09 February 2015

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to halt same-sex marriages in Alabama, paving the way for the first gay couples to marry in the state that day. But a handful of probate judges in Alabama have reportedly refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples — or issue any marriage licenses at all — because Alabama’s top judge instructed them to defy the federal court ruling.

Upon the request of Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, a federal judge put a stay on the ruling that overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, but that stay expired on Monday. The Supreme Court had the opportunity to intervene by temporarily putting a hold on same-sex marriages, but declined to do so in a 7-2 decision on Monday. As a result, Alabama becomes the 37th state where gay marriage is allowed.




All God’s Children – Love

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By Pearl Strachan Hurd

From the July 4, 1970 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel



What is the news—wireless? Cable?
Airmail or word of mouth? The news?
From conference rooms, from council chambers?
Bewilderment, confusion.

But listen!

Listen! The Revelator told it:
No longer any curse, And no more sea.
No Red Sea to be crossed again,
or Jordan. And no ancient enemy
enslaving, harassing, pursuing.

Two books describe it: peaceful and foursquare,
its boundaries symbol of equality,
as long as broad, as long as high.
John saw it possible to see—on earth!

No longer any national, tribal god
expected to crush, dispute, divide.
Gates flung wide, wide open to those
obedient to divine commands.

Home, heaven to all—to all
who enter the eternal city
and make their permanent address—
the new Jerusalem.

Pearl Strachan Hurd