A Song of Phraise plus “Glory” from “Selma” – Winner, Best Original Song – 2015 Oscars

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“The spirit of this bridge connects the kid from the South Side of Chicago, dreaming of a better life, to those in France standing up for their freedom of expression, to those in Hong Kong, protesting for democracy,” he said. “This bridge was built on hope, welded with compassion and elevated with love for ALL human beings.”

“And so when we think about equality and freedom and justice, we know we’ve got more work to do,” said Legend. “And we’re going to do that work. We want to do that work, and we hope that our song is inspiration for those who want to do that work as well.”

John Legend

“Glory” from “Selma” – Winner, Best Original Song – 2015 Oscars




John Legend and Common “Glory” – The Oscars 2015  87th Academy Awards

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[Written for the Sentinel]

A Song of Phraise


From the July 12, 1919 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel



Glory to God in the heaven,
And glory in the height,
Glory from all the earth be given
In anthems of delight:
Glory, give glory; ye stars repeat the story,
And ocean answer with thy waves of might,
That Love is King and doth uphold the right.

Give honor and give praise
To Him who is the King
Of all thy pilgrim nights and days;
A song of gladness sing.
And may this full refrain resound to heaven again:
Glory to God, from every living thing;
Glory to God, for Love alone is King.