Finding One’s Place by Rev Paul Peck – Monday September 15 2014

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“Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity”.

Mary Baker Eddy

(Retrospection and Introspection p.70)



Finding One’s Place

by Rev Paul Peck



Groping for my meaningful place

Through the maze of mortal schemes;

I will never find the real grace

Of the Truth that quells false dreams.


Only when I quit vainglory,

And release all plans to Mind;

Only when I choose the holy,

Shall I find the place that’s mine.


Mortal mind  thoughts are enchanting,

Luring man from high estate;

These would blind my clearest  seeing,

Should I choose to hesitate.


I must quietly encourage

Every thought to come from Mind;

I must never judge, disparage

Or belittle what I find.


Humbleness of mind and motive,

Gracious with the lesser things;

Grateful for the fact that I live,

And the joy that Loving brings.


Attitude of Love Supernal,

Gives my thought a holier grace;

Knowing I Am Mind Eternal,

Brings me to my rightful place.


The place I seek is seeking me,

Talents that I may express;

Knowing, trusting that I shall be

With God ever in Oneness.


Neither shall I fear nor worry

That my Life shall be in vain;

And I choose to never hurry

That which brings my Peace again.