History Repeats Itself by Mary Baker Eddy – Wednesday 06 August 2014

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Wyatt Fore, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, was at the courthouse at 6 a.m.

“I’ve always been jealous of my parents, who got to see the civil rights movement firsthand,” said the 27-year-old law student at the University of Michigan. “Now, I get to be a part of history.”

Fore, who is gay and single, said the marriage issue is about more than just specific rights and benefits.

“It’s about equal rights in our society,” he said






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[Extract from “Message to The Mother Church” for June, 1900]

“History repeats itself”


From the September 22, 1917 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel



“Conflict and persecution are the truest signs that can be given of the greatness of a cause or of an individual, provided this warfare is honest and a world-imposed struggle. Such conflict never ends till unconquerable right is begun anew, and hath gained fresh energy and final victory.

“Certain elements in human nature would undermine the civic, social, and religious rights and laws of nations and peoples, striking at liberty, human rights, and self-government—and this, too, in the name of God, justice, and humanity! These elements assail even the newold doctrines of the prophets and of Jesus and his disciples. History shows that error repeats itself until it is exterminated. Surely the wisdom of our forefathers is not added but subtracted from whatever sways the sceptre of self and pelf over individuals, weak provinces, or peoples. Here our hope anchors in God who reigns, and justice and judgment are the habitation of His throne forever” (p. 10).