Child of Mine with Psalm 139 and Robin Williams – 07/30/2014

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There are two themes that ring out clearly from the hundreds — actually thousands — of stories I have read this month: first, that we all deeply desire to be known and loved by our Creator God, and second, that we all desperately need to know that the people we are closest to, our families and friends, love us just because we breathe.  Pretty simple, right?

 Linda Robertson





Father and Son scenes from What Dreams May Come



Spiritual Lens

Child of Mine

By Caroline Martin

From the April 14, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

This poem was originally written as a solo for singing in Christian Science branch churches.



I have loved you
Beyond all time
Before there was morning
Before the stars did shine
Before there were valleys
Or mountains to climb
I have loved you
Precious child of Mine

I am closer than your breathing
I know each step you take
I am with you while you’re sleeping
Beside you when you wake

And I will love you
Wider than the world around
Deeper than the sea
Past the horizon
Above heaven’s design
I will love you
Precious child of Mine

—Caroline Martin