Give Your Testimony – Our Daily Bread – 04/23/2014

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You take no risks when doing right.


From a letter dated 1895.




By Jeanne Paul Christensen

From the May 15, 1948 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Dear friend, be not afraid to speak.
Your happy, God-exalting voice
Cannot be faint with fear or weak.
Stand up and in His love rejoice!

Long years the lame man lay at the temple gate
And begged. Receiving Peter’s healing gift.
The alms of Truth, he did not hesitate.
But, leaping up, began at once to lift
His voice in thanks. He walked and leaped and praised
The infinite, the source of every good.
While people in the temple were amazed.
For he had never walked, had never stood.

Dear friend, your neighbor still may seek
The healing you have found, Your word
Will bring him comfort, peace. Oh, speak,
And let your gratitude be heard.

Jeanne Paul Christensen