“Get Service” or “To Service” – Daily Bread – Now Playing – 03/07/2014

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He who is obedient to Truth has immense power for service.

Mary Baker Eddy


Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. 

Mary Baker Eddy


I have patients who are at a depth of despair that I cannot reach.  We don’t have a pill for Hope.

Chair, Department Of Psychiatry – 3 Hospital System


Faith and Spirituality is an unobstructed path to Hope.

Forensic Psychiatrist, Michael Wellner – Oprah Winfrey Show


Christian Science is Hope that is alive and healing.

Why hope?  Because Hope is the major weapon against suicide.

Rob Scott

Chicago, IL




Get Service (Video) 



Here’s a short video that will sober your perspective and inspire a more generous outlook to serve others.



By Arlene Shull Mahone

From the May 2, 1959 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

* Photo (Hope) – Itgetsbetter.org


Here in this early morning hour,
Dear Father-Mother God, I lift
My thought to Thee—I feel Thy power
And grace; receive Love’s precious gift
TO ALL MANKIND. Help me to see
Thy way to bring them peace and rest,
In selfless love reflecting Thee.
Thus shall I serve my brother best.

Arlene Shull Mahone