Desirelessness – Rev Paul Lachlan Peck – 03/06/2014











by Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck



There was a time when I would seek,

And pray for things of little worth;

When I would want to have a peek

At what the future held for mirth.


The things of matter wooed my yen,

These things of pleasure and desire;

And yet, when I would seek to gain,

These things would vaporize in fire.


The fire of Love which purifies

All false desires, all wanton aims;

The fire which blends and unifies

My thoughts with Perfect God again.


Desirelessness now holds my thought,

Since perfect man has everything;

This Allness of Perfection wrought

In purer motives, All must bring.


For wanting nothing is my goal,

Entire in everything I Am;

No longer cast upon the shoals

Of barren mortal mind’s blind sham.


There are no wants, no hopes, no needs,

For Perfect God or perfect man;

And every thought and word and deed,

In Spirit brings All Good again.


Desirelessness becomes my theme,

As I release the mortal quest;

For Love fulfills my every dream,

And Love restores my soul’s sweet rest.


Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck



Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck

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1 thought on “Desirelessness – Rev Paul Lachlan Peck – 03/06/2014

  1. Laura Moliter

    So beautiful and healing. That brought tears to my eyes! Just perfect for me today. Thank you, Rev. Paul, and thank you, Rob, for posting this, and for all your inspired work!


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