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Who Are You?

John 17:21

By William Robert Suddaby

From the December 1973 issue of The Christian Science Journal


Who are you
tripping down my life—
you running, you slipping
you noisily crowding
you lingering through my life . . .

who are you, pouring past—
you male, you female
you dark, and you fair
you with the butterflies in your hair . . .
you who are straight
and you who are not
you who promised but then forgot . . .
you young, you old
you bundled, you bare
you uncut, you smooth-cheeked
and respectably square . . .
can you be mortals coming and going
lone separations ebbing and flowing?

Are you not the dawn of one kingdom appearing—
one plan, one purpose, one love
individually revealing . . .
chalices of laughter, bearers of light
extending, forwards and backwards,
beyond mortal sight . . .?
you hold a promise, you sail the sea
of Love’s all-inclusive unfolding to me.

William Robert Suddaby