DISTRIBUTING RAINBOWS – Weekend Edition – 07/27/2013

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Distributing Rainbows


From the August 25, 1956 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel




When teaching school at one time, I was surprised to see a small lad steal softly into my room and put a little paper on my desk. He was going from room to room dropping a scrap of paper on each teacher’s desk. The papers were covered with scratches of all colors. I inquired what he might be doing, and he said, with a shy smile, “Giving everyone a rainbow.” I thought: “What a lovely thing to do! Distributing rainbows! The teachers could surely use a few rainbows.”

The thought came later that this is what Christian Scientists should do: distribute rainbows. They have a great opportunity to bring the rainbows of hope and promise to those who are under a cloud of sickness or sorrow. They, indeed have the rich and wonderful advantage of bringing the means of fulfillment of God’s assuring and protecting promises to the attention of those who need them.

The healing truths contained in the Bible have been explained through “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Scientists have seen the precious Scriptural promises fulfilled in their own lives, and now they love to help others to understand them.

In the ninth chapter of Genesis we are told of God’s promise that never again would there be a flood on earth to destroy all flesh. And a rainbow appeared in the sky as a testimony of His covenant. Sometimes two rainbows are seen shining at the same time, a primary one and a secondary one. Perhaps the second one illustrates an emphasis on the promise of mercy and love. Happy is the one who can steadfastly be grateful for the cloud, or hard experience, because at the same time he sees the rainbow —the promise of God’s love and protection.

In studying the life of Christ Jesus, we find that he brought promises of hope and healing to humanity. He saw so clearly the perfect man that the receptive multitudes beheld the promises fulfilled immediately. Paul took pleasure in infirmities because they drove him to seek the divine remedy. Often we find that we too are grateful for the experience, however hard, which forces us to seek and find a better understanding of God. Peter and John brought a rainbow of promise to the man who had never walked. His great joy was expressed in walking and leaping and praising God.

With what courage and travail did our undaunted Leader give to the world that spiritual key, Science and Health, which opens the Scriptures! This book is a veritable rainbow of promises to anyone who accepts and understands its teachings. Great hope came to the world when Mrs. Eddy discovered how Jesus healed the sick. She literally brought the heavenly hues of health and happiness down to earth to dispel the mists of materialism.

It is told in myth and legend that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that many people have struggled to find it. Mrs. Eddy really discovered a treasure when she unlocked the riches of the Bible. She assuredly dug for them, since they were buried deep within the sacred Word and hidden from material sense. Wherever she went, rainbows of promise and healing shone forth. When she told the crippled man (Historical Sketches by Clifford P. Smith, p. 78), “God loves you,” how divine Love must have shone on his darkened thought as he arose and walked! Right here and now, in Mrs. Eddy’s writings, the same rainbows of healing shine forth.

In Revelation we read ( 10:1,2), “I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: and he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth.” Mrs. Eddy explains this passage clearly and beautifully in the chapter entitled “The Apocalypse”‘ in Science and Health. She writes on page 558: “This angel or message which comes from God, clothed with a cloud, prefigures divine Science. To mortal sense Science seems at first obscure, abstract, and dark; but a bright promise crowns its brow. When understood, it is Truth’s prism and praise. When you look it fairly in the face, you can heal by its means, and it has for you a light above the sun, for God ‘is the light thereof.'”

Christian Scientists are learning to know that man as God’s likeness possesses and reflects the divine hues of Spirit. How happy they are to see, above the obscurity and darkness of false theology, the brilliant rays of Truth’s healing light. In her book “Retrospection and Introspection” Mrs. Eddy says (p. 35), “Science is the prism of Truth, which divides its rays and brings out the hues of Deity.”

The Christian Science practitioners, whose lives shine with promises of joy, hope, and healing, have countless opportunities to help along the fulfillment of the promises. Each individual healing, however small, is helping to save the world.

Before becoming interested in Christian Science, the writer was a most unhappy person. She had been suffering for a number of years from a nervous trouble which several doctors had failed to relieve. After she went to a Christian Science practitioner for help, the whole world seemed to change. From deepest gloom came happiest awakening. Everything she saw looked different and beautiful. As soon as she began to change her thinking, her healing began. The Christ, Truth, had brought the rainbow promise into her life.

The Wednesday testimony meetings give glorious opportunities to all to distribute rainbows. Hope comes through the prism of Christian Science to bring healing. The gratitude that is expressed at these meetings in all the Christian Science churches throughout the world is slowly but surely spreading abroad for the enlightenment of humanity. We realize more and more what wisdom our Leader expressed in instituting these meetings in order to show forth the proofs of the power of God to heal and save from sin and disease.

What spiritual forethought our Leader manifested when she established The Christian Science Monitor! Many dark corners of ignorance are being lighted up with the good news it brings. Our paper is helping to fulfill the longing of the nations for more light. It is an ambassador of peace and good will, a rainbow of the highest order.

Christian Scientists everywhere are greatly blessed with plenty of opportunities to bring rainbows of hope and promise to mankind. The various church activities, such as Reading Rooms, lectures, Sunday School, and distribution of authorized literature, all have their importance. How comforting to those who have any part in this great work is the certainty of knowing that God’s promises are being fulfilled!