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 “Justice waits, and is used to waiting; and right wins the everlasting victory.”

Mary Baker Eddy

 (Miscellaneous Writings (p. 277)





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By Rodolfo Ernesto Regueira

From the October 3, 2005 issue

of the Christian Science Sentinel

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ARRIVING HOME from work one night, I parked my car in front of the building where I live and went into my apartment. At two o’clock the next morning, the phone rang. It was my neighbor. She told me there had been an accident on our block and my car had been heavily damaged.

I went downstairs and saw that a car had indeed hit several parked cars, including mine. Thank goodness, nobody was injured, although the cars had been totaled. After the collision, the driver had abandoned the car he was driving and ran away. Nobody knew the details about what had happened.

Since it was very late, the owners of the other cars and I waited until the morning to file a report with the police. But the facts weren’t clear. And, of course, no one wanted to shoulder responsibility for what had happened early that morning.

The police and others began their investigations, but days went by and I could see that things weren’t progressing. The police hadn’t tried to sort out the sequence of events. The companies insuring the parked cars claimed they were not responsible, as did the owner of the other car, who said it had been stolen from him, although he didn’t report it as stolen until days after the accident.

Some of the parties involved decided to sue in order to recover the cost of the damage to our cars. We all considered this perfectly reasonable, so I let the matter rest. I was sure we would win the case.

Yet, after two or three years, to our great surprise, the judge handed down a sentence against us. Frankly, I became very afraid. Not only had we lost the case, but we were ordered to pay the legal fees of the four or five people we had sued, which was a lot of money.

My lawyers appealed the case in the courts—and for the first time, I appealed to God and began to pray about this situation. I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me for a just resolution to the case, and to eliminate the fear I was feeling. She agreed to help me.

One of the things the practitioner asked me to do was to search for the word judgment in the Bible and in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. I started looking and found many unforgettable passages in the Bible that caught my attention and gave me a lot of comfort. One was this from Ezekiel: “And in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep my laws and my statutes” (44:24).

It was as if God was telling me exactly what I needed to hear. This passage, in particular, made me realize that justice is an attribute of God. Up to that point, I had been placing my faith in the human justice system and had forgotten about divine justice, which is powerful to correct and rectify any unjust human law or decision. Mrs. Eddy left a significant message with respect to this when she wrote, “A selfish and limited mind may be unjust, but the unlimited and divine Mind is the immortal law of justice as well as of mercy” (Science and Health, p. 36). Each man and woman, as a child of the divine Mind, God, has a right to justice. When human laws seem unfair, or fail someone, they can take their case to this divine Mind, as I did, trusting that God is the source of all “justice as well as of mercy.”

I continued praying with the practitioner, affirming God’s omnipresence and His care for us. Whatever my fears, I kept my thought focused on the truth that I live under the government of divine Mind, where my rights are regarded. This gave me peace. About three months later, another judgment was rendered, this time in our favor. The owners of the damaged cars, myself included, recovered the exact amount we had requested. Moreover, the judge held the four people we had sued accountable, and made them pay for our damages in equal portions.

This confirmed to me that when a cause is just, this promise from Psalms is inevitably fulfilled: “His righteousness endureth for ever” ( 111:3).

Note: In the Spanish Bible translation the author was using, the passage from psalms literally say, “His justice remains forever” (Reina-Valera version, 1960).