Dawning Sonship – Daily Bread – 04/19/2013

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Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity.

Mary Baker Eddy

Spirit is divine Principle, and divine Principle is Love, and Love is Mind, and Mind is not both good and bad, for God is Mind; therefore there is in reality one Mind only, because there is one God.

Mary Baker Eddy

(SH 330:20-330:24)


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Dawning Sonship

By Judith S. Malen

From the May 21, 1960 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


Father, I’m afraid!
My child, draw near.
I need so much Your aid.
I am always here.
I feel an outcast, lone.
My son, “I AM”;
You are My very own— My child, My lamb!

Judith S. Malen