O fathering, mothering God.

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For ALL of you, a big hug and a message of support from the bottom of my heart.

World Championship Boxer

Sergio Martinez


Join HBO’s World Championship boxer Sergio Martinez as he takes the “It Gets Better” pledge: The Trevor Project


O fathering, mothering God…!


From the April 1983 issue of The Christian Science Journal


fathering God of righteousness,
Known through the Christ, Your Son,
Unfold in us the consciousness
Wherein Your will is done:
When that will steers a nation’s might
Past prejudice and fears
And wakens men’s hearts to the right—
Christ in the world appears.

mothering God, this day we seek
One great Love to adore,
The Love that sweetens peoples’ thought
On every land and shore;
Your male-female is genderless—
Whose sinless grace endures,
Whose strength flows through our tenderness,
Whose motives all are Yours.

fathering, mothering God, whose love
Lifts flower and flaming star,
In You there is no sin or death,
No time, no near, no far;
No alien son, no hating race,
No child unsought, unknown;
Embrace Your sons and daughters—draw
All nations into one!