Finding One’s Place – Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck

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Finding One’s Place




Groping for my meaningful place

Through the maze of mortal schemes;

I will never find the real grace

Of the Truth that quells false dreams.


Only when I quit vainglory,

And release all plans to Mind;

Only when I choose the holy,

Shall I find the place that’s mine.


Mortal mind  thoughts are enchanting,

Luring man from high estate;

These would blind my clearest  seeing,

Should I choose to hesitate.


I must quietly encourage

Every thought to come from Mind;

I must never judge, disparage

Or belittle what I find.


Humbleness of mind and motive,

Gracious with the lesser things;

Grateful for the fact that I live,

And the joy that Loving brings.


Attitude of Love Supernal,

Gives my thought a holier grace;

Knowing I Am Mind Eternal,

Brings me to my rightful place.


The place I seek is seeking me,

Talents that I may express;

Knowing, trusting that I shall be

With God ever in Oneness.


Neither shall I fear nor worry

That my Life shall be in vain;

And I choose to never hurry

That which brings my Peace again.


Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck, “Footsteps along the Path”, iUniverse 2006